Short on time but need a Pro diving certification?

As the number #1 trainer of PADI Pro's in Europe we have programs to suit everyone's budget and timescale.

We have been training PADI Pro's for over 10 years and have reached almost 1,000 PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor's in our network.

A Pro certification is not used just for people wanting to be Divemaster or Instructors, but for a huge array of reasons.

We have trained more Stuntmen and women than any other Dive Centre, as well as Researchers, Super-Yacht Staff, and even to support applications for a Masters Degree's in Marine Biology and Zoology.

Whatever your reason and whatever your current level we can help.

Join us and get your PADI Divemaster certification and start living YOUR dream.

And what makes us unique?
* Officially the Number #1 in the region, according to PADI statistics.
* The ONLY PADI Dive Centre with a RESIDENT Platinum Elite 300 CD.
* The ONLY PAD Freediving Instructor on Staff.
* Free accommodation for the entire duration of your stay.
* We do NOT make you work for free whilst attempting to complete a professional course.
* Job placements scheme.
* Unlimited diving.

Others make promises............. We make PADI Professionals

Email us today and get ready to live the dream

Contact us today to start the rest of your life

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Job requirements:

Requirements for the 1 week program:

- Minimum 18 years of age
- Physically fit
- A willingness to change your life forever
- PADI Rescue Diver
- EFR Certification within last 24 months
- At least 60 logged dives

Required Language: English


Company: Divemaster Internship Tenerife
Location: Europe
Town: Abades
Country: Spain
Map position:
Abades, Spain


Contact person: Pete
e-mail: Email:
Facebook: @TenerifeDivingAcedemy

PADI Divemaster in just 7 days!