The position duties include assisting the Training Director in the updating of the training material for all Technical and Cave curriculum. These materials include course presentations, manuals, student worksheets and supplemental materials. Applicant will be responsible for developing, designing, creating and organizing new material to aid in training new instructors, as well as current instructors wanting to teach new material.

Position requires the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in either education or science, at least 12 months training experience as a dive instructor and at least 6 months working experience as a dive instructor.

Applicants must have Global Underwater Explorers Certifications for Technical Diving. Required qualifications are:

  • GUE Tech 2, Cave 2, CCR Diver
  • GUE Tech, Cave, CCR Instructor

Salary is $61,500.00 per year. Please contact and send resume to: Corey Jablonski, Global Underwater Explorers, 15 South Main Street, High Springs, FL 32643, phone (386) 454-0820, or

Required Language: English
Diving qualification: GUE Tech 2, Cave 2, CCR Diver GUE Tech, Cave, CCR Instructor
Salary: $61,500 /y


Company: Global Underwater Explorers
Location: North America
Town: High Springs
Country: United States
Map position:
25 N Main St, High Springs, FL 32643, USA


Contact person: Corey Jablonski
e-mail: Email:

GUE Assistant Training Director