SCAM - be aware of fake ads offering Commercial diving jobs in Turkey by Melissa Sheldrick

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We have various SCAM warnings reported!

Read these samples from our users:

It would seem that there is no real job and that this is just a SCAM. These guys are specifically targeting instructors that they know will be out of work due to the Indonesian Earthquake...   

...Basically, what happens is that after you have signed your Job Offer, sent a copy of your passport and signed a Power of Attorney document so they can obtain your Visa for Turkey, they will then ask you to send $2000 USD via Western Union to an account marked in your name. Because you have given them power of attorney, they can then take your passport and power of attorney document to western union in Turkey and claim this in your behalf. Of course, once you have sent the money you will most likely never hear from these people again."




I am contact you about a ad on commercial diver job is a job scam because I contacted few months ago and they sent to me contract and other stuff too and ask for money to pay  for plane ticket and visa with western union the ad isWe are looking for Deep water divers with medium experience to aid the investigation of an oil spill[...]   Melissa Sheldrick contractor and e mail please could you check and maybe remove the ad.


Company: Super User
Location: Europe
Town: Istanbul
Country: Turecko
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Ovacık Mahallesi, Ovacık Köyü Yolu, 07700 Elmalı/Antalya, Turecko


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SCAM - be aware of FAKE ADS offering Commercial diving jobs in Turkey by Melissa Sheldrick