We are hiring

- 1 MSDT Instructor (As dive instructor and shop manager)

- 1 OWSI Instructor

- 1 Divemaster (only Thai)

Starting from Aug 2019. More information or submit your CV to

Work Conditions

1.    Contract

- At least one year contract with work permit. The company will be responsible for your work contract expense for the first year. You’ll need to get and pay for your business visa and travelling cost on your own.

- The contract can be renew yearly if both parties agree

- Minimum 1 year contract.

2.    Income and Benefits

2.1  Income

- Your revenue will be based on commission according to the following percentage:

·         Dive courses commission (OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue Diver, Dive Master) is paid 40% (after that will be deducted by learning material or crew pack cost with the ratio of 50:50 between the company and the manager/instructor)

·         DSD Commission is paid 35% (after that will be deducted by the cost of DSD Booklet with the ratio of 50:50 between the company and the manager/instructor)

·         Scuba Review and Scuba diver course commission are paid 35%

·         Rental and sale of equipment, snorkelling program sale and fun diving are paid 20%

Notice: Only commission basis, no salary.

2.2  Benefits

- Accommodation on the 2nd floor of the dive shop building

- 3 Thai meals

3.    Working Hours and days

- The shop opens from 8.00 – 20.00. You are required to work 9 hours a day with 1hr meal break in between, 6 days a week (1 day-off each week).

- You will receive 13 national holidays per year.

- You are free to leave for your home country or leave for your holiday during the low season maximum 1 month per year (in May, June or July).

4.    Equipment

- We provide all basis equipment for the customers (Diving watch for rent).

5.    Boat

- We provide the ferry for dive trip (from more than 3 people) and long tail boat (less than 4 people).

Job requirements:

For a Shop Manager/ an Instructor

1. An instructor with MSDT qualification or higher from PADI or SSI

2. Have experience in the diving industry. Experience at least 2 years or 250+ dives.

3. Must be flexible to work in various environment and conditions, including in-store, classroom, pool, on boat and in the ocean.

4. Have experience in managerial work or position and also be able to plan, supervise and allocate work in the following fields:

4.1 Sale and Marketing

4.2 Operation

4.3 Maintenance of Tools and Equipment

4.4 Finance and Accounting

4.5 Staffing within the shop

4.6 Human Relationship and Communication skill

4.7 Organisation’s Rules and Regulations and the dive shop                      

5. Fluent in English. Multilingual is preferred



Required Language: Fluent in English. Multilingual is preferred
Diving qualification: OWSI, EFR, MSDT(Preferred)
Salary: Commission from dive courses&fun dive. No salary


Company: Leisure Dive Center
Location: Asia
Town: Koh Phi Phi
Country: Thailand
Map position:
Koh Phi Phi (Laemtong Beach), ตำบล อ่าวนาง อำเภอเมืองกระบี่ กระบี่ ประเทศไทย


Contact person: Sky
e-mail: Email:
Phone: 66832451923

Leisure Dive Center is hiring 2 instructor or a team from Aug 2019