So you are thinking of doing an internship?  What are you looking for?


·       Highest levels of training to PADI standards that will make you the most professional diver possible?

·       Real hands-on training in a very successful and well-regarded in the industry PADI 5 Star CDC that gives you a complete understanding of how a dive centre runs and the role of a dive professional within it?

·       Diving for free in one of the best dive locations in the world?

·       A CDC which does not operate its internships like a factory, churning out Divemasters and Instructors relentlessly, but one which only takes small groups and provides training suited to you?

·       A CDC that can actually demonstrate its commitment to marine conservation and includes environmental awareness in its training programmes?

·       Training by a PADI 5 Star CDC which has a worldwide reputation for producing fantastic diving professionals to give you an extra ‘edge’ when applying for jobs?

·       A full-time PADI Course Director onsite to oversee everything you do and every bit of training you receive to make sure you achieve your best?

·       Support for you in your diving career even after your training has finished?

·       Flexibility regarding internship duration and cost or simply free training and materials option?

·       Possible job opportunity after successful completion of internship?


Answer ‘yes’ to these questions and you have come to the right place.  We would love you to come and do an internship with us and we truly enjoy seeing our interns develop into brilliant PADI professionals whilst being part of our Gozo Diving Academy team.

Despite our small group sizes we train more PADI professionals than any other dive centre in Malta or Gozo.  That’s because we commit to training all season long, we have a reputation for brilliant training and a 100% safety record.

We have a range of options including paid internships or working internships some with all training and materials free of charge, working in the dive centre 5 or 6 days, or simply on-the-job training.  Learn how to handle a boat and work onboard, repair diving equipment, filling tanks correctly, how to prepare dive kit and look after it properly at the end of each dive and of course helping customers are just of the important aspects of dive centre operations you will learn when you do an internship with us.

Unlike some internships you may have seen, ours are not all about work and studying – there’s lots of diving for free too.  On average you can expect to dive every day, accompanying and helping Instructors, assisting customers on dives whilst experiencing the fabulous underwater world of Gozo and you will always be under the supervision of one of our senior Instructors.  Providing you with this amount of diving, which may be recreational or on courses, unquestionably supports the training you receive and exposes you to ‘real-life’ diving scenarios and how these are managed properly.

Job requirements:

So what do we need from you?


Not much, we just need you to have a willingness to learn.  Someone who wants to make something for themselves and is prepared to work to our highest levels of customer service.


You will need to be committed to marine conservation, we do lots to help the marine environment, from being the only licensed turtle rescue team on Gozo, Malta to every dive being a Dive Against Debris dive .


You will get to know all our customers and have a lot of fun diving with them.


You will also need to help out on courses and equipment preparation and you will get to dive every day.


In return you will receive some of the best SCUBA training in the world, directly overseen by our full time PADI Course Director (the highest level of professional diving you can achieve).

You don’t need to be qualified as we can teach all course from Beginners to Master Instructor.

Depending on how long you can stay depends on what we can offer you, but whatever it is you can be assured you will always be a valued member of the team and not someone who is just there to work.  Your training and development are just as important to us as it is to you.

We even take Instructor internships, so if you are a qualified Divemaster you have a rare opportunity to become an instructor – stay for long enough and it’s totally free.

Diving qualification: You don't even need to be qualified to start an internship with us, we will work with you all the way
Salary: MFN1300


Company: Bubbles Dive Centre - Gozo Diving Academy
Location: Europe
Town: Iż-Żebbuġ
Country: Malta
Map position:
Triq il-Menqa, Iż-Żebbuġ, Malta


Contact person: David Hayler-Montague
e-mail: Email:
Phone: +356 99448864

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