Description: Are you interested in become a high quality professional diver? Do you like teach other about the wonderful marine life? Posidonia ecosports is a pioneer DIVE center with the focus in the marine biology and conservation where most of the Staff are marine biologists. We are specialist in the high performance divers, such us cave explorers, submarine archaeologists and marine researchers. We offer all diving levels in recreational, technical, caves and professional with the best instructors in each area. Indeed, Posidonia Ecosports si not only a Diving Center, ir si also a Enviromental Education Center. We have set a different scientific projects in motion and they are focused in land and marine conservation, climatic change and footprint for school and high school students, university undergraduates and general public. If you want to train and get experience and education you can apply to join us! You can involve in Posidonia Ecosports Internship Projects !
Job requirements: We offer: - internship to DIVE MASTER or INSTRUCTOR level. - free accomodation. - scolarship included study materials and fees. - participate fully in those DIVE center tasks as assigned by the manager and the marine biology projects. In the hope that this page has triggered your interest in our internship please write us via the contact email for more information or to apply send us a resume (C.V.) and two daily life pictures, one full person and one portrait.
Required Language: SPANISH AND ENGLISH
Diving qualification: ADVANCED


Company: Posidonia Ecosports
Location: Europe
Town: Alicante (Alacant)
Country: España
Map position:
Alicante, España


Contact person: Mercedes Varela
e-mail: Email:
Phone: 0034 665908763