Description: POSIDONIA DIVE DIVEMASTER AND INSTRUCTOR INTERNSHIP We think becoming a dive professional is not enough for you, you have to become the best professional that you could be! These days, people are more concerned about environmental conservation and customers are more and more exigents. Due to, we combine the two points of view: a Researcher Marine biologist InstructorTrainer and a High Level Cave and Tech Dive Instructor Trainer. Imagine,... Learn about marine life with a specialist at the same time that you get better and improve your buoyancy up to a perfect level. In Posidonia ecosports are looking for the highest level of training and we focus on marine biology and conservation, most of the Staff are marine biologists. We are specialist in the high performance divers, such us cave explorers, submarine archaeologists and marine researchers. We offer all diving levels in recreational, technical, caves and professional with the best instructors in each area. Indeed, Posidonia Ecosports si not only a Diving Center, ir si also a Enviromental Education Center. We have set a different scientific projects in motion and they are focused in land and marine conservation, climatic change and footprint for school and high school students, university undergraduates and general public. If you want to train and get experience and education you can apply to join us! You can involve in Posidonia Ecosports Internship Projects ! More information: email to To apply send us a presentación letter and two daily life pictures, one full person and one portrait.
Required Language: ENGLISH
Diving qualification: OWD


Company: Posidonia Ecosports
Location: Europe
Town: Mutxamel
Country: España
Map position:
Posidonia Ecosports, Camino Barrella, Mutxamel, España


Contact person: Mercedes Varela
e-mail: Email:
Phone: 0034 665908763
Website: www.