Reef-World is looking for a motivated entrepreneur to lead in the diversification of marine conservation funding sources and the establishment of sustainable funding mechanisms to support the Green Fins initiative. This exciting new role will primarily support in the development and delivery of a financial sustainability strategy; to include sustainable business partnerships and long term sustainable financing mechanisms. The individual will be responsible for building global partnerships that provide long-term financial support to Green Fins. The successful candidate will report to the senior managers and will be based in our Philippines office with relatively frequent travel around SE Asia (~25% of total), and other countries where Green Fins is active.

In addition to their primary role, they will also support in the delivery of Green Fins (~25% of time), alongside country partners and teams consisting of government representatives and NGO’s. Green Fins promotes best environmental standards for the diving and snorkeling industry and is currently active in Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Palau, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Plans are in place for global expansion to key tourism areas including the Caribbean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and an effective financial sustainability strategy is key to help in delivery of this ambitious expansion plan. 

Tasks would include: 
• Financial sustainability strategy development: 
‒ Lead in the development of a financial sustainability strategy for Green Fins;
‒ Define the financing needs of the sustainability strategy; and:-
‒ Develop a fundraising strategy with several targets, ensuring that promised returns are a prioritised part of Reef-World’s sustainability strategy.

• Implement the financial sustainability strategy:
‒ Develop a database of potential partners;
‒ Contact and communicate with potential partners; and:-
‒ Build partnerships with businesses in line with the sustainability strategy.

• Green Fins implementation support: 
‒ Support in training and capacity building for Green Fins across active countries and new countries; and:-
‒ Work closely with Green Fins partners (dive and snorkel centres, NGOs, national and local authorities) to share lessons across active countries, support implementation and provide technical advice for enhanced conservation impact.

• Strong organizational and project management ability; must be able to multi-task, prioritize, and meet deadlines;
• Excellent communicator (written and verbal) able to interact with a variety of stakeholders and partners including private companies, government officials, NGOs, etc.;
• Exceptional writing and editing skills;
• Fluent in English, spoken and written;
• Very good SCUBA diving and snorkelling skills;
• A proactive and resourceful team member able to work independently and remotely, while maintaining strong communications with international team members;
• Ability to build and maintain strong and effective relationships with multiple stakeholders, specifically corporate;
• Able to lead group discussions with individuals working in different roles and countries;
• Capable of delivering training and guiding project partners and stakeholders with a high degree of cultural sensitivity;
• High degree of flexibility, and ability to work against deadlines (including some nights and weekends), and under frequently-changing circumstances;
• Adaptable and comfortable with working and travelling around developing countries (25-30% of total time), often with very little notice, comfortable with occasional logistical ambiguity;
• Motivated to act independently in advancing program goals while also being able to take direction and follow organisational procedure;
• Tactful, organized, persistent, sense of humour;
• Possess good interpersonal skills, agility to think and act strategically; and:-
• High level of proficiency in MS Office applications.

Qualifications and Experience:
• We are looking for someone with 3-5 years’ with a business background and / or experience in marketing;
• Bachelors in a relevant degree;
• No formal finance training is required;
• Proven experience working and travelling in developing countries;
• Proven experience with small and medium companies in a start-up phase;
• Previous experience in developing public private partnerships and securing private sector funding would be preferred;
• Previous knowledge of the diving / tourism industry would be preferred;
• Previous experience in training and / or education would be preferred; and:-
• Confident and capable SCUBA diver trained to a minimum of PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent).

Applications close 28th May. Interviews (via Skype) week commencing 29th May.

Please email a CV and your cover letter summarising your relevant experience, future aspirations in the marine conservation sector and outlining what you hope to achieve with The Reef-World Foundation. We will then get back to you after the team has reviewed your application and let you know if we would like to pursue your application.



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