We are a busy dive operation in Cozumel.

We have a heavy flow of e-mails and online bookings. We need someone to come join our management team and work closely with the owner operators.

It's a 7 days per week job that doesn't stop. E-mails are always coming and the boats are always going out. The owner/operators are a husband and wife team that need someone that is reliable and can make good choices unsupervised. 


Job requirements:

You'll need to be able to navigate well online and having some computer, business and excel abilities is a must.


Company: ScubaTony
Location: Caribbean
Town: Cozumel
Country: Mexico
Map position:
Unnamed Road, Quintana Roo, Mexiko


Contact person: ScubaTony
e-mail: Email:

Scuba Operation Manager / Reservations at ScubaTony