Ankay Conservation is a marine conservation center focused on citizen science initiatives in Bocas del Toro, Panamá.

Ankay’s ecological monitoring program has been developed to be able to provide broad understanding of the regional health and abundance of the reef ecosystems.




You will be trained in ecology, coral identification, coral health and our ecological monitoring program (invertebrates, vertebrates and substrate).

The goal is to get you up to a teaching level where you can help us teach our conservation programs.


We will sponsor your PADI Open Water training, at least up to Advanced Open Water.

Depending on the length of your stay and current certifications, it is possible to certify you all the way to Divemaster (at least one year commitment if starting from 0). If already a divemaster or instructor, we can offer a different benefit.


You will be provided with room and board.

If not in full occupancy, you may have your own room. If we have many conservationist staying with us you will be in a shared room of max. 4 people.

When we have conservationists staying with us we will have a cook to help prepare our meals.

If we do not have programs running, you will have access to groceries and kitchen.


Work hours

Work days are Monday through Friday, in general it should be about 6 hours daily.

Your main responsibility will be teaching conservationists our programs and supervising them out on the field. On low season, this can be complemented with other projects at Ankay Conservation, perhaps teaching the local children about the ocean, preparing new material for future courses, or getting in the water with the camera to develop content for our social media. We can play with what skillsets and passions you have to make sure the side projects are both nurturing and fun. 

Saturdays and Sundays are off.

You are welcome to make use of our equipment in your off-hours for scientific projects or pleasure.

We also highly recommend you go explore beautiful Bocas del Toro in your free time.


Job requirements:

-Recent graduate in biology, wildlife management, ecology, marine biology, or similar or have relevant field experience.

-Fluent in English. Proficiency in Spanish is highly desired, but not a requirement.

-Passion for teaching.

-Mínimum 6 month commitment. We are looking for ideally at least one year.



Send us an email with CV and dive certification level: