Gain real insight into marine conservation work and methodologies through hands-on conservation training and work experience, while also having lots of fun!

The objective is to provide a real insight into marine conservation methodologies and provide hands-on conservation work experience, while also having lots of fun with great diving on a beautiful remote Caribbean island. The 2 or 4 week program is suitable for individuals or groups that seek:

  • High value work experience for those who are interested in working or studying within a science or environmental field.
  • Non-scientists who are interested in a trip with a more intensive conservation element

What will you be doing?

ReefCI’s Internship Program includes all the programs offered in our Standard Conservation Program; however, it is a more intensive conservation and learning experience. Participants will participate in the following conservation work:

  • Lobster Surveys
  • Queen Conch Surveys
  • EcoMar Coral Watch (Coral Bleaching and Data Collection)
  • ReefCI Check (Reef Habitat Surveys and Fish and Coral Identification Dives)
  • Whale Shark Watch
  • Spearfishing Invasive Lionfish



Company: Volunteer World
Location: South America
Town: Placencia
Country: Belize
Map position:
Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize


Contact person: Anthony
e-mail: Email:

Marine Life Conservation Assistant