Join our summer expedition team to get involved in SCUBA diving to collecting coral reef data, to planting trees with community groups.


The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) has been working since 1997 to safeguard large areas of terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the pristine Mesoamerican complex for the benefit of local communities and the species contained within. Since 2014 we have given volunteers a unique opportunity to get involved in our work through our Ridge to Reef Expeditions project (R2R), which provides invaluable support to TIDE's research, monitoring and education programs. 

Our R2R program is essential in ensuring the important work of TIDE is able to continue in the future, by providing the resources necessary to carry out the work we do. Volunteers assist in collecting data, contributing to conservation projects, and working in communities to share information with local stakeholders.

Our volunteers not only have the chance to help in the long term management of the protected areas TIDE manages, but also have a unique opportunity to learn a wide range of conservation skills in different environments. From collecting fisheries and coral reef health data, to monitoring amphibians, and assisting community reforestation groups to working in local schools, volunteers are exposed to a variety of experiences in a leading non-governmental organization in Belize. Here are some of the activities you could be involved in this summer:

  • PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water SCUBA training
  • EFR first aid certification
  • SCUBA diving to collect important information on fisheries and coral health, or protecting the reefs from the invasive lionfish 
  • Reforestation along important riverbanks
  • Summer science camp in local village school
  • Nighttime patrols along nesting sea turtle beaches
  • Other activities not yet confirmed, there is always so much to do!

Volunteers will work alongside TIDE rangers, scientists and guides, all of whom are Belizean and are passionate about the work they do and experts in their field. An expedition manager will lead the group throughout the program and is available 24/7.


Company: Volunteer World
Location: South America
Town: Punta Gorda
Country: Belize
Map position:
Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize


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