Why not come take a dip in our conservation team to help build, clean and maintain new coral frames on our coral nursery

The project

On our conservation volunteer program you will be focusing mainly on water based activities such as coral farming, reef clean ups or survey dives. This is important to save coral around the island and help to prevent it from fading away.

When the coral farm has new coral fragments (nubbins) in it, then regular cleaning is required to keep the algae off them. Once they are healthy enough, then new frames can be made and new broken corals that we find from the reef can be added. We are taking already broken coral fragments and giving them a second chance to survive.

Role of the volunteer

Reef cleans are important as well to clear off any rubbish off the natural reefs. You will also do some dry land cleaning to help educate and also reduce how much rubbish and man made items make their way into the ocean. This will help to prolong any coral that you are creating in the future!

Volunteers have the most important role to help keep the project alive and also to help keep the coral alive. It is incredible to see what huge impact the coral nursery has already done.  

What you can expect

Every volunteer has an amazing experience & leave us with some amazing memories. Why not come join us on this project and take a dip in the ocean. You won't regret it.

Apart from all the conservation work that you will be taking part in, you will also get to relax and enjoy the relaxed life that the maldives has to offer. You will get to interact with the local villagers who are very kind and friendly. new friends will come your way while on the island and even after you leave the project.


Company: Volunteer World
Location: Asia
Town: Hoandedhdhoo
Country: Malediven
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Hoandedhdhoo, Hoandedhdhoo, Malediven


Contact person: Imad
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Coral Farming Supporter