Scuba dive training, basic marine species identification courses, and experience marine conservation in action


  • Discover the unique beauty of this wonderful island-continent and its people, while directly contributing to both important community action and scientific work
  • Advance your skillsets: Diving qualifications and practice, team work and marine research, learning directly from professionals in the field at an idyllic yet humbling beachside setting.
  • Experience a front line battle against environmental degradation; working on one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and the marine conservation in place to help protect it.
  • Expand your network of like-minded and passionate conservationists working alongside the communities most directly affected by such environmental degradation.
  • Go back to basics for a while; escaping the trappings of the digital world and literally immersing yourself in the natural one.
Fancy a holiday or gap year with a difference? Then our EcoDiver volunteer programme may be just what you are looking for. It is open to anyone 18 and over who can only join us for a limited period of time. 
No prior skills are required, just a general enthusiasm to learn more about the marine environment and to get involved in activities on camp.
As well as learning to dive, you will get to experience;
  • eco-diving,
  • community-based marine management and conservation, 
  • the unique Vezo culture, 
  • and the amazing environments of this mega biodiversity hotspot. 
Enjoy a life changing experience, make lifelong friends, and return with incredible stories and memories.

It is a great opportunity to learn to scuba dive (or for those already dive trained: Enhance dive skills and experience) whilst learning about tropical marine ecosystems. You will also get the opportunity to participate in some of our marine management and community development initiatives.

As a Reef Doctor EcoDiver, you will get PADI dive-trained, acquire coral reef underwater identification skills, and gain first-hand experience in the workings of a marine conservation NGO.

Following Your Training 

Once you have completed your training you will be able to undertake ‘EcoDives’; advancing your learning of coral reef systems under the guidance of our science team. 

EcoDiver volunteers undertake regular diving (weather dependent). 

Night dives can also be arranged along with other PADI specialty dive courses, though these do come at an extra cost. 


You will also have the opportunity to assist our team in a variety of our core research, management, conservation, and community projects. 

Additional activities may include some of the following (although some are subject to season): 


  • Monitoring and maintenance work on our coral nursery and artificial reefs. 
  • Participate in our local community seaweed and sea cucumber aquaculture initiatives (with the opportunity to stay in a fishing village for 1–2 days to assist in sea cucumber harvesting/monitoring). 
  • Help our science officers tag and release turtles as part of turtle conservation project. 
  • Fisheries catch monitoring alongside our fisheries team. 
  • Mangrovetoursandreplantingactivities.
  • Environmental education: get involved with our Junior ReefDoctor’s initiative and Kids Club. 
  • Assist in our English-language lessons for local villagers. 
  • Learn the local Vezo language through our weekly Malagasy classes. 
  • Help us with our tree nursery and reforestation project.


Why Choose Reef Doctor? 

· On average, 80%–90% of your expedition contribution goes directly into our conservation work and the local economy in Madagascar. 

· Our core staff are professionals in their respective fields, their knowledge and experience will be passed on to you throughout your expedition.

· Malagasy culture is vibrant and memorable. During your stay, you’ll experience it first hand; through getting to know our local Malagasy staff members, visits to Ifaty village and surrounding areas, and from participating in our education, research, and development projects. . 

· Our expeditions attract people from all walks of life and from all over the world. You will make new friends with whom you will share memorable life experiences. 

· Our work is part of a larger, global effort. It helps develop an understanding of marine resource management in developing countries and contributes scientific information to a much wider conservation community. 

· Our programmes are designed with the community at their heart; our work is directed at helping local communities develop and grow while conserving their culture and resources. 

· Our expeditions are all about making a difference and you’ll be contributing to helping us fulfil our long term ecological and social objectives in the Bay of Ranobe. 


· As a Reef Doctor volunteer you’ll learn new skills, walk away with new experiences and a whole new level of scientific knowledge, and ultimately, you’ll have contributed to helping protect threatened marine ecosystems and the future livelihoods of the local Vezo people. 


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